Weather is always a topic of conversation where I’m from. Melbourne. If you haven’t heard or familiar with Melbourne it is renown for having “four seasons in one day.” So in the spirit of changing seasons, here are my 3 top weather songs for babies and children.

The first song is fantastic in that it explores different timbres the tambourine makes. And just as important it is developing children’s fine motor skillsSong: Fun in the rainInstrument: Tambourine(to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”)Rain, rain, rain (tickle fingers on the tambourine to emulate rain sound)Rain, rain, rainDribble, dribble, sploosh! (Tickle fingers and for (splosh) tap tambourine)Dribble, dribble, sploosh!Grab your boots, your coat, and hat, (tap the beat to the music with open hand)Jump in a puddle and go kersplat!Stomp about and become a drowned rat,Rain, rain, rainRain, rain, rain.

Song: Rain, Rain, Rain

Instrument: Tambourine

(to the tune of “Three Blind Mice”)

Rain, rain, rain (tickle fingers on the tambourine to emulate rain sound)

Rain, rain, rain

Dribble, dribble, sploosh! (Tickle fingers and for (splosh) tap tambourine)

Dribble, dribble, sploosh!

Grab your boots, your coat, and hat, (tap the beat to the music with open hand)

Jump in a puddle and go kersplat!

Stomp about and become a drowned rat,

Rain, rain, rain

Rain, rain, rain.

For a better understanding on how this song works I have included the video for you to watch.

My second favourite song is using a parachute, which can be used for babies all the way to kinder aged children. The song starts out calmly which you can lift the parachute up and down. Then when the “Thunder and rain” verse starts the children can shake the parachute a little more vigourously. Musically it demonstrates to children how to express themselves in non verbal ways and the different dynamics and expressions music contains.

Song: Come Under My Umbrella 

(tune of The More We Get Together)

Come under my umbrella, umbrella, umbrella

Come under my umbrella, it’s starting to storm

There’s thunder and lightning and wind and rain

Come under my umbrella it’s starting to storm 

Lastly a beautiful Autumn song. I love this song as you can utilise autumn leaves that children collect from outside or children can make their own leaves. During our music classes we have made felt autumn leaves out of orange, brown and reds. The song encourages children to slow down, while they work together watching our felt leaves pulse up and down on the parachute.

Song: Autumn Leaves

Instrument: autumn leaves made of felt & parachute

(To the melody of ring a ring a rosie)

Autumn winds begin to blow

Coloured leaves fall fast and slow

Twirling whirling all around

Till at last they touch the ground 

I have included a video of our Mini Music Autumn class, this has been recorded for children to learn and watch from. So feel free to share with your Kinder classes and it includes the “Autumn Leaves” song.

I hope they have inspired you to include these songs in your music classes for children. They are a hoot and has a mountain of musical learning.

Happy Music Making