3 Great Reasons To Teach Music To Children

I may be biased about music education, but it is an informed educated bias and I wholeheartedly believe music education is at the core of formal education.  Including music as part of the curriculum leads its way to fostering a good foundation for learning.

Here are 3 good reasons why you should have your children in a music class, preferably from birth!

  1. Numerous studies have shown the link between learning an instrument and improved literacy skills, cognitive skills and well being.
  2. Music education fosters imagination and strengthens the links between both sides of the brain which will prepare your child for mathematics and literacy.
  3. Music is a practice in itself of self regulation and patience.  Teaching children that not everything is an instantaneous gratification and some great things are built over time, practice and hard work.

It seems with the obsession of grades and testing, our education system has been erasing the music and arts from our children’s curriculum.  So it is now up to the us parents to include a richer education outside of school hours and preferably before school even begins.

There are a plethora of music programs to start your child with and if your child attends a Childcare centre most will have a music program visit the centre on a weekly basis.  I would check that your centre does as it is normally included in their budget and a great way to spark their love of music.

Cheers Lola