3 Great Reasons To Teach Music To Children

I may be biased about music education, but it is an informed educated bias and I wholeheartedly believe music education is at the core of formal education.  Including music as part of the curriculum leads its way to fostering a good foundation for learning.

Here are 3 good reasons why you should have your children in a music class, preferably from birth!

  1. Numerous studies have shown the link between learning an instrument and improved literacy skills, cognitive skills and well being.
  2. Music education fosters imagination and strengthens the links between both sides of the brain which will prepare your child for mathematics and literacy.
  3. Music is a practice in itself of self regulation and patience.  Teaching children that not everything is an instantaneous gratification and some great things are built over time, practice and hard work.

It seems with the obsession of grades and testing, our education system has been erasing the music and arts from our children’s curriculum.  So it is now up to the us parents to include a richer education outside of school hours and preferably before school even begins.

There are a plethora of music programs to start your child with and if your child attends a Childcare centre most will have a music program visit the centre on a weekly basis.  I would check that your centre does as it is normally included in their budget and a great way to spark their love of music.

Cheers Lola

3 Ideas to keep the beat

I attended my childrens school concert a few nights ago, which was very entertaining and adorable.  Each grade got to perform a dance and was very creative.  But the music teacher in me noticed how many children couldn’t find the beat and missed their cue with the dance steps.

To keep the beat, seems such an easy thing to do but really it is a skill that needs to be ingrained from an early age.  Here are some ideas and songs that may help you help your child.


This song encourages the child to pass to the child next to them.  During Rhythm Rumble music class we pass the tambourine on the appropriate beat and removes the randomness of passing the tambourine and makes it intentional.

Tideo, Tideo

jingle at the window Tideo

pass one window Tideo

jingle at the window Tideo

Pass two window Tideo

Repeat(pass the tambourine on Pass one window phrase

Chi baba – The Wiggles

We use this cute song and sing the chorus and

Pass the ball to each child for them to feel the beat while singing the song

eventually it progresses to children passing the ball uninitiated

Chi baba chi baba chi baba

enchilada goomba lagoomba

Chi baba chi baba chi baba 

my bambino go to sleep.

I’m a nut

We sing this song using rhythm sticks and tap to the beat and rest.  You can watch me sing this song I’m a Nut

I’m an acorn small and round

lying on the cold, cold ground

please pass and step on me

thats why I’m all cracked up you see

I’m a nut (repeat 3 times)

Singing and tapping or singing and walking helps establish a strong beat keeping in young children, try singing these songs and watch your children step to the beat.

Cheers Lola

Lullabies – Music for Baby


I have a new baby boy.  YAY!  He’s beautiful and enchanting and whadaya know he loves it when I sing to him.  He’s 2 months old now and when he likes something he smiles and one of the best ways to make him smile is to sing.

The most common repertoire for babies are lullabies and here are my top 5.


A beautiful Aboriginal lullaby sung about shooing away a goanna.  When i have sung this song in my classes children of all ages are mesmerised by it and it is certainly a lulling kind of song perfect to soothe any crying baby.

Inanay Gupawana

Inanay Gupawana

Ay ay ay oola

Oola Oola Oola Ay

Yippee Ay Yippe Ay

Gowanna Gowanna Gowanna


Goowanna Gowanna Gowaana


watch me sing Inanay here

Ah Kounelaki – Greek Song

My father sang this song to me as a child and although it isn’t a lullaby it tells a story of a cheeky rabbit digging holes in the garden and now I find myself singing it to my little boy.  Traditional songs from your childhood are a beautiful way to pass your memories and culture to your children.

Ah Kounelaki Koynelaki < Rabbit>

Xylo pou tha to phas < I’ll give you a little tap>

Mesa se xeno perivoulaki < if you come to my garden?

Tripes yiati tripas < whhy do you dig holes>

Min mou serfronis ti mitoula  < you screw up your nose>

Min mou kounas t’aftia < pull your ears>

Min mou klinis to mataki < and squint your eyes>

Ise san zografia < you’re as cute as a photograph>

Watch here

Good Night Sleep Tight

I wrote this little lullaby when I was a child myself, and now sing it to my children and they love it.

Good Night

Sleep tight

You’re a wonderful baby

Good night, sleep tight

have some happy happy dreams

Good night, sleep tight

you’re a wonderful baby

Good night

Sleep tight. Tonight

Big Yellow Moon

This is more of a poem, but children love positive thoughts before bedtime and encourages peaceful happy thoughts before sleep time.

Big yellow moon shines so bright, (Arms above head in circle shape.)

Glides across the starry night, (Arms move from left to right.)

Looks down at me (Hand shades eyes.)

Asleep in bed, (Hands together at side of face.)

Whispers, “Good night, sleepyhead.” (Forefinger in front of mouth.)

Big yellow moon, your turn is done. (Arms above head move down in front of body.)

Here comes Mr. Morning Sun. (Arms move above head in circle shape.)

I wake up. (Arms stretch out.)

You go to bed. (Hands together at side of face.)

“Goodnight, Moon, you sleepyhead.” (Forefinger in front of mouth.)

Rock a bye baby

its a classic so thought i’d include it sits also a winner when singing and rocking your baby to sleep.

Rock a bye baby on the treetops

when the wind blows the cradle will rock

when the bough breaks the cradle will fall

And down will come baby, cradle and all.





Parachute Games and Ideas

During RHYTHM RUMBLE music classes we find using the parachute a valuable way to teach children musical concepts.  below are a few of my favourite songs and ideas.


Children sitting around the parachute

Put the oil in the pot and make it real hot <pretend to pour oil in the >

Put the popcorn in and begin to grin < pretend to throw popcorn on the parachute>

Sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, sizzle, POP! <shaking the parachute slowly and softly and increasing the tempo and dynamics of the sizzle sizzle until you raise the parachute on POP

The Big Red Dragon

(to the tune of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush)

The big red dragon will gobble me up, gobble me up, gobble me up <shake parachute>

The big red dragon will gobble me up,
All the way up to my knees…. <hold parachute on knees>

The big red dragon….(repeat)

All the way up to my tummy…. <hold still onto the tummy>

The big red dragon…

All the way up to my shoulders…<hold still onto the shoulders>

The big red dragon…

All the way up to my nose… <hold still on noses>

The big red dragon will gobble me up, gobble me up, gobble me up

The big red dragon will gobble me all the way to my <pause>

Head <pull parachute over the head>

I’ve Been Swallowed By A Boa Constrictor

Ive been swallowed by a Boa constrictor, I’ve been swallowed by a Boa constrictor, I’ve been swallowed by a boa constrictor and I don’t like it very much.

Oh no its up to my toes <touch toes with parachute>

Oh gee its up to my knees <touch knees with parachute>

oh fiddle its up to my middle <touch waist with parachute>

oh heck its up to my neck <touch neck with parachute>

oh dread its up to my <pause>

Head <reach parachute over the heads>

5 little birdies

One little birdie flew and flew  <shake parachute with one bird>

Along came another one and that made two
One… Two…  <lift parachute up high together twice, while counting>

Two little birdies, busy as could be  <shake parachute with two birds>

Along came another one and that made three
One… Two… Three…   <lift parachute up high together three times, while counting>

Three little birdies wanted one more
 <shake parachute>

Along came another one and that made four etc

Four little birdies glad to be alive

Along came another one and that made five etc <life parachute 5 times>

We always show the children the actions before singing these songs and its best to make them dramatic as it ensures the children participate.  The main musical focus children learn from these parachute songs is change in tempo and dynamics.

Children also love a surprise such as raising the parachute over their heads or singing POP loudly – a guaranteed squeal of delight!