Benefits of a Music Education

Music Education for children is paramount and essential.  Learning Music has many benefits.  Studies have shown children who participate in a structured music class do better at:

  • children’s language development
  • literacy
  • maths and problem solving
  • Social skills

Incorporating music in your childs life from infancy gives your child a head start to a fulfilling life. This can be done by singing lullabies and finger play.  As your child grows the types of music games can change to action songs and using percussive instruments to tap out beat and rhythms.

Learning music in a structured classroom uses both sides of the brain and forms connections to both sides of the brain, this aids in problem solving and language (reading and comprehension), as opposed to listening to music passively on the radio or iPod.

I have only touched on a few of the benefits of incorporating a music education to your child’s life, there are plenty of positive outcomes and some as simple as creating joy!  there are certainly no negatives to music.

If you want your child to do well in maths, science and reading start with music.  It seems crazy that music as a subject is being cut from Primary schools for lack of funding and more money put into literacy programs when music is the answer.  Knowing all this information, how could you not include music as part of your child’s education?



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