Yesterday we took the train into the City.   I always have loved Melbourne city, and it was especially poignant considering the tragic event that happened nearly a week ago in Bourke St Mall.

We were visiting because a friend invited us to the Vic Night Market, and I thought we might go in earlier with no particular plan but just to hang out before the Night Market began.

One of my favourite places to go is Bourke St. and its not for the shopping, I’m not really a shopper at the best of times.  I go for the Buskers and in my opinion Buskers are usually at the top of their game, but of course being an artist is a non profit industry, so busking is an awesome opportunity for them to share their talents.

While sitting on the chairs in the sun watching people walk by I could hear a keyboardist playing in the background, the music this man was playing was complex and intricate but beautiful and melancholy a perfect mix for the scene, which had thousands of bouquets piled on the steps of the GPO building.

I said to my 6 year old “Can you hear that? it’s so beautiful” She looked over toward the sound and we both listened in the sunlight.  “why is he playing there Mum?”

“He’s a Busker and he plays his music, and hopefully people will like it and give him some money”

“Can we give him money?”  I wanted too, but as typical me I only had a $1.00 coin in my purse.  But we walked over to him and dropped the $1.00 in his hat, and stood and watched this young man play with such skill and beauty he became memorising.  The crowd was growing, and it seemed to me, that he was so in the moment he didn’t notice the crowd. Sometimes his eyes were closed, his body moved not necessarily because of his hands but because the music made him.

The three of us, stood in complete silence.  Watching.  Admiring him.

When he finished his piece of music, we walked away and I commented “I wish I played that well”

My 6 year old replied “Me too, could you teach me the piano, can we play tomorrow”

“Yes definitely, after breakfast?”

We shook hands on the deal.  I looked at my little girl, and recognised that same music loving longing I had when I heard or watched someone play their instrument.  She was inspired to learn the piano because of the young man.  We talked about how he must be practicing everyday for hours to play that well, and she wasn’t swayed by the idea.

This morning after breakfast, she held me to our handshake deal and we sat together at the piano and learnt “Twinkle Twinkle”

I wish I had more money in my purse that day, he was worth so much more than my $1.00.