The Magic of Music


Lately I have been paying particular attention to the effect or affect my music lessons are having on the children that participate in my program.

Recently I attended a Childcare centre and in the group of children aged 18 months to 2 years there is a child who has  special needs.  He regularly attends the class and sits on the carers lap and we sing and pass shaking instruments to him, while the other children giggle or sing along.

But on this particular occasion I sang a beautiful Aboriginal Lullaby called “Inanay” ( if you haven’t heard it before you must! it is truly beautiful and epitomises what children’s music should be.)  Anyway I started to sing and in the corner of my eye I noticed the little boy started to move his body.  The Carer gasped a little, we locked eyes in unspoken wonder that the song had moved this child to react.

I had been attending the Child care Centre for 6 months and he would sit quietly and listen, but today was different it was as though he was attempting to clap along.

The Magic of Music.

Today I conducted a class for a group of babies and while I was waiting for the children to finish their afternoon snack I got to coo at the babies that were waiting on the mat.  I rarely get that opportunity “to play”with the babies because I have to move on to other classes waiting for me, but today they were running behind schedule so I took advantage of the opportunity to play peak- a – boo.  One baby boy started to cry, and instinctively I sung a Greek baby clapping song Palamakia.  His reaction was immediate and began to giggle and smile.

The Magic of Music.

How many times have I played music on my iPod for the Kinder room, and the energy is electric, the children are energised and like a puppeteer pulling the strings, I change the energy in a heartbeat and  sing a song with the children’s eyes watching me intently following my actions and words, they are transfixed for that moment in time.  The music has taken the lead and directed there energy to another place.

The Magic of Music.

So many studies are done about the benefits of music, which there are many.  But some elements can not be measured but only witnessed and felt, and that is called the Magic of Music.

I fortunately witness this on a daily basis and can not fathom a life without music.  It is passed down from generation to generation.  Music feeds the soul, fuels the celebrations and is uniquely human.

So in the spirit of passing down music, I pass these 2 children’s song to you.  The Lyrics for both of the songs mentioned are below:

Inanay Gupa wana
Inanay Gupa wana
Ay Ay Ay Oola
Oola Oola Oala Ay
Yippee Yay, Yippee Yay
Goo wanna Goo wanna
Goo wanna Goo wanna
Goo wah - Choo

Palamakia (Lola's Version)
Palamakia peksete
Ke o babas too erhete
Ke too ferni katiti
Kooloorakia sto kharti




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