How Music Shaped My Destiny

During a training session with Christina, who is the other RHYTHM RUMBLE teacher, we started discussing how to make the class more impactful, strategies, ideas were flying around the room to catch.  and like many times this happens an interesting conversation started to grow.

I began telling Christina my story, and probably like most people didn’t realise it was a story until after I finish and Christina’s response was “Thats impressive.”

The purpose of why I was sharing, was to explain my big picture of ensuring all children start their education with  Music and why i feel its so important. Where would I be if I didn’t have Music.  So I guess I will share My Story with you too.

I started a new school when I was 6,  I remember very vividly going to the Music Room for group music lesson with my class and always enjoying it.  I think around the age of 7 or 8 we were taught to play the recorder. I was obviously good at it, because I joined the school orchestra and was the lead recorder player.   The whole school music experience had a hugely positive impact on me.  I was a very quiet and painfully shy child and playing an instrument gave me a way to communicate and be significant.

When I was 12 I told my parents I wanted to play the piano, so the closest thing I got was a keyboard and taught myself how to play. I would get all that recorder music and work out which chord would fit in and fill in the gaps.   For 4 years I dedicated myself to the keyboard and at 16 my mother finally bought my piano (still have it now) and finally piano lessons.

The Piano lessons  were a massive waste of time, the teacher was not engaging and didn’t challenge me so I stopped after 6 months.  But continued to teach myself.

I had another major influencer in my life. My father, who is a musician, came to Australia from Greece as a young adult and started to learn the bouzouki (a greek stringed instrument) and became the best Bouzouki player in Australia in his day.  When my mother met him he was “working it” in the best Greek nightclubs in Sydney.

So there was a spark of musicality in me from the beginning.

I would travel to Melbourne CBD and visit Allans Music and buy sheet music so that I could learn new music (this is way before the internet and I could download sheet music, i’m a 90’s kid!)

I studied Music through an Arts Degree, and struggled to find any work in the field, again being shy and introverted doesn’t serve you in such an extroverted business!

I knew I had gaps in my skill, so as an adult pursued lessons with an awesome gentleman called Bruno.  He had dedicated his life to the piano and painting and never thought to do anything else. I love people like this.


Music saved me from a purposeless life, I could be right now a public servant.  Music gives people a purpose, a meaning and direction.

Imagine instead of taking drugs that child fills their time with practicing their guitar.

what if the child who is bad at academics finds genius in the saxophone.

What if music keeps a person from hustling because they prefer tinkling the keys at home alone.

Music is so much more than just playing a few notes.  Music presented me with my destiny and I want to give every single child the same opportunity I was given at 6 and make music an option for them all.  Who knows how or who it might save.

Have an awesome day

Cheers, Lola