Just Belt it Out

Its been a while since I have blogged, but doesn’t mean I haven’t been learning new ideas to teach music.

So what I have I learnt?

The first thing is I have a new teacher join my team, which has meant that I have had to mentor/train them to teach music to small children in the RHYTHM RUMBLE way.  This is a learning curve for me because I have been learning how to teach on the fly and sometimes its easy to forget how daunting it is to sit among parents and preschoolers and sing your heart out.

The new teacher (lets call her Miss C) confided that she is not confident in singing in front of the class and has affected how she has been teaching.  I have heard her sing and she sings in tune with a nice sweet voice.

Let me tell you a secret……For years I had convinced myself that I was a bad singer and although I may sing in tune, the quality was a lot to be desired.  My husband would joke about my terrible voice when I started teaching RHYTHM RUMBLE, and my lack of confidence played a part in my music classes as well.  But, over the years I have been singing nursery rhymes and I came to the conclusion that the mothers sitting there in the class were more nervous about singing then I was.

I had to pull my socks up and sing with my heart and belt it out so that the children could enjoy the class, the biggest surprise to me was the compliments I would get from people about my singing voice. Also the childrens wonder as they stared back at me with joy on their face.

“Hey, I’m not that bad after all”

So my advice to Miss C was “fake it, practice the songs and sing loud and with love”

The next class we did together she was a different person, singing and enjoying herself.

I guess my point is, Music and singing are for everyones enjoyment not just for people like Beyonce or Alicia Keyes.

Sing it Loud, Sing it Proud

When you’re singing a lullaby to your baby at night, don’t they relax?

Yes? So you too have a beautiful voice.