To Follow a Dream

I want to start this journey with introducing myself to you all.  I’m Lola, a mum, a music student, and a pianist.  These hats I wear have all lead me to the point I find myself today. 

Which is creating my own music classes for preschoolers. 

I guess I should start with why I felt the desire to start the class and what my purpose of writing a blog is, shouldn’t I?

At the age of 12 I felt the desire to play the piano, as long as I can recall this has been the only thing I was ever drawn to.  So my parents bought me a keyboard, and I proceeded to teach myself how to play.  At 16 I was promoted to a Piano (which I still have sitting in my lounge room) and felt I needed to progress and tried a piano teacher.  This wasn’t a great success, in terms of teaching me technique but she encouraged me to play what I was interested in.  Then I decided to study music and music technology at University

During my 20’s and 30’s I sought out a piano teacher, who was fantastic and taught me how to play better and also encouraged me to practice which was great as it kept my dream of having music in my life alive. 

When I had my first child (Ava) the piano became a memory although it sat proudly in our lounge room, I never seemed to find the time to play anymore and moving away also made it difficult to continue my piano lessons. 

As keeping a part of me alive I enrolled Ava into music classes at 18 months old and although it was fun and engaging I had another desire.  This urge was to be the teacher, inspiration and guidance to children to start their love of music.  The idea began to grow.  How would this concept look and feel? 

Then as though the universe was listening to my inner voice an opportunity came to light.  I had by this time had my second little girl (Pia) A person approached me about starting a music and movement class and I thought.

Yes I will.

Why is music so important?  Because it just is.  It can express what your feeling without words, its a celebration, it is mood altering, it can soothe you, it can make you happy.  It has so many hidden qualities.

The reason for writing this was to extend my desire for children to be involved in music not only to children in Melbourne but everywhere, with their parents or educators.  The purpose for writing this blog will be to share ideas, activites, things that worked and didn’t work with teaching preschoolers. 

My love of music was fostered from being surrounded by music (my father is a professional musician) and I was never pressured into a music education, it was always enjoyable and if I can help you impart this onto your children or your classroom, music once again has fulfilled me beyond my expectations

Until next time……

“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.”

–       – Cherly LavenderImage